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    hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 

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  • Things you can do to be happier:

    • Go to bed earlier
    • Finish things ahead of time
    • Eat whole-food
    • Exercise
    • Be present
    • Organize
    • Listen to music
    • Think positively
    • Drink lots of water
    • Journal
    • Read
    • Be productive
    • Eat fresh fruit
    • Breathe deeply
    • Go for a bike ride

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    Signal boost

    I don’t even blaze. But this is the realest shit.

    This shit

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  • Sometimes when I play guitar, I like to practice along with live tracks and pretend the audience are cheering for me.

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  • My muse while I jam in the practise rooms at college.

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    Have you ever looked at someone’s tumblr and realized that you guys could be bestfriends? I have like 5 tumblr bestfriends and they have no idea

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    La Roux - As if by Magic

  • Biffy Clyro
  • "I just want to feel your body
    I want you to know your quarry"
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