Swellington Boots
Descriptive, Male, Self-appointed 'Sex Bomb' and aspiring Vegetarian
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  • La Roux
    As if by Magic
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    La Roux - As if by Magic

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  • "I just want to feel your body
    I want you to know your quarry"
    Biffy Clyro
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  • consulting-targaryen asked : If someone tried to steal your ukulele, WOULD you let them take it?


    funny enough, someone once stole my ukulele. in London. I wrote about it in the book. I did not let them take it. I hunted them down.

    there were tears.

    Ruddy Londers

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    Time for some German Learning!

    Thank You Herr Chester See for your Helping!  And your Noodles!

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  • "I got the feeling I break, out of anything that’s standing in my way. You’re the reason I can stay, and fight until the death, cuz what I stand for will not give up"
    Brody Dalle
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  • "So let’s build a house, though I don’t know how. Let’s make it some place that we’ll call home."
    Arcane Roots
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